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The City of Belfast

explore the city of Belfast’s unique history and its divergence from other Irish cities. Through a conversation between Colleen and our Belfast-born genealogist, Jayne McGarvey, we’ll delve into the lives of ancestors, the events that moulded them, and the reasons behind their migrations.

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The Titanic, Peace Walls, Clan Knits and much more…

Your letter from Ireland shorts from the 9th of May 2023.

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This Was The Most Populated County in Ireland

Do you know which Irish county had the highest population by the end of the 1800s? Well, read on and you will find out, that county is the subject of today’s Letter from Ireland.

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St. Patricks Burial Place in graveyard in County Down, Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Burial Place, County Down

If you head to the town of Downpatrick in County Down - a must-see is the grave of Saint Patrick himself.

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Is This The Best Memorial For an Irish Ancestor? (#743)

BELFAST – THE MOVIE AND THE CITY. Did any of your Irish ancestors live in an Irish city? Many of the cities – such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Wexford and Waterford – were founded originally as ports for winter layover by the Vikings but grew over time into trading hubs that attracted many of our shared Irish…

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