County Mayo

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Are Your Irish Surnames On This Saintly List?

Have you ever had something in your possession that you are minding for future generations? Perhaps a ring, a piece of jewellery a book or a piece of furniture? Here, in Ireland, we often tend to pass down baby christening robes through several generations. Our grandson was recently christened in a robe that was also used by his father and his grandmother – both standing proudly beside him!

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Ruins of an old Irish village deserted during the famine on Achill island, County Mayo

Deserted Famine Village, Achill, County Mayo

Achill Island - located off the west coast of County Mayo and connected by a narrow bridge to the mainland - has to be one of the most isolated and beautiful parts of the world.

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Galway Bay and the Music and Songs of Connaught (#744)

Welcome to this special musical edition of the Letter from Ireland podcast. We take a tour around the five counties – Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon – of the Irish province of Connaught. We have chosen two songs/pieces of music from each County with plenty of history and stories along the way. We hope…

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Celtic cross in Irish church graveyard

How The Irish Saved Civilisation (#742)

In this episode, we look at the time of the Brehon laws of Ireland and take an example of just some of these Gaelic common laws that held our society together. We also chat about the Brehon families and some of the Irish surnames associated with these families. We then go on to chat about…

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Red Hair

Grace Kelly & Maureen O’Hara – 2 Irish Movie Stars (#739)

Have you ever been to the lovely County Donegal? Perhaps some of your ancestors came from that county? A few years back, Carina and myself visited the beautiful sandy beach of Portnoo, County Donegal. We could see the nearby coastal islands – some of which could be reached at low tide. One of these islands…

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