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Galway Bay and the Music and Songs of Connaught (#744)

Welcome to this special musical edition of the Letter from Ireland podcast. We take a tour around the five counties – Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon – of the Irish province of Connaught. We have chosen two songs/pieces of music from each County with plenty of history and stories along the way. We hope…

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A Journey Along The St. Lawrence River (#714)

In today’s episode of the Letter from Ireland podcast, we take a trip up along the St. Lawrence River in Canada with two stories linked to that part of the world. First, we stop off at Grosse Île just outside Quebec City and then we hear the story of two musical sisters and their Irish-descended…

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Murder in The West of Ireland – (#708)

In this episode we cover two infamous real life murder cases in the west of Ireland during the 1800s. The first murder was as a result of mass evictions from an Irish estate during the famine – and the second involved a travesty of justice where the accused were tried in a language they did…

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All God’s Creatures Have a Place in the Choir – (#701)

In this episode we look at many of the Irish surnames, music and stories that feature the names of many of these animals. We also hear the story of an Irishman who had a special place to play in the protection of animals with the founding of the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the UK – as well as lots of Irish music to enjoy along the way!

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Letter from Ireland Magazine (January/February, 2019)

Welcome to the Letter from Ireland Magazine for January/February, 2019. In this issue you will find features on: The Norman Surnames and culture in Ireland, planning your next Irish Trip, an interview with the publisher of the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine, all about the Celtic festival of Imbolc and much more.

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