County Wexford

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Unusual Irish Name - Carina walking through a field in the Irish countryside.

Is this Unusual Irish Name in your family tree?

One of our readers was puzzled by an unusual Irish name in her family tree, especially among traditional names in her family. We discover the name’s unique origins tied to ancient Irish traditions. The evolution of this name over time, especially through anglicisation in Wexford, reveals a rich tapestry of cultural and linguistic blending.

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Beer, Whiskey and The Irish Temperance Movement (#828)

Listen to the story of Viking-era water sources, the Franciscans’ art of brewing Irish beer, and the captivating tale of alcohol, social chaos, and the rise of the Irish temperance movement!

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Dunbrody Famine Ship, Killing Snows and Ogham…

Your letter from Ireland shorts from the 8th of August 2023.

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Vikings, Irish Holy Wells and a Craft Brewery

We’re going to dive a little deeper into the subject of Irish well water today – encompassing the Vikings, the brewing of beer in Ireland and a little urban history along the way.

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The Story of One Italian Genius and His Irish Mother

Do you ever marvel at the miracle of modern communication? Our ability to make calls and send emails almost instantly and at such little cost? Today I would like to introduce you to a fascinating man (and his Irish mother) who played a crucial part in the making of that modern miracle.

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