County Tipperary Surnames and Places

Over the last 12 months we travelled to various parts of County Tipperary (it's not a long, long way from Cork) to take some of the following photos and link to some of the Irish surnames on our list. And I guess we will return many times and add to this post with more photos and new information on the lovely County Tipperary.

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County Tipperary Surnames and Places

When someone signs up for our weekly Letter from Ireland, we ask them for the Irish surnames in their family and the counties in Ireland their ancestor came from originally.

As a result, we now have about 25,000 entries on our list. The following names are ones we received from readers whose ancestors came from County Tipperary originally. As you look through the names, you will see old Irish Gaelic names, Norman names and later English and Scottish names that settled in this part of the country. You may also notice that some of these surnames are from other counties originally.

Is your County Tipperary surname among them?

Ahern, Aylward, Bannon, Barry, Beary, Blake, Bonney, Bowes, Brett, Britt, Browne, Brunnock, Bryan, Burgess,  Burke,

Cahir Castle, Butler and O’Brien

Butler, Cahill, Cain, Carden, Carey, Carney, Carroll, Charlton, Clancy, Cleary, Coady, Coffey, Colue, Corbett, Costelloe, Cotter, Coughlin, Crotty, Culleton, Cummings, Cummins,

The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel

Daley, Daly, Daven, Dempsey, Doherty, Donnelly, Donovan, Dwyer, Echlen, Eddington, Egan, Emerson, English,

Rock of Cashel Round Tower

Rock of Cashel Round Tower

Fannons, Fennessy, Field, Flynn, Fogarty ,Galligan, Gavin, Gaynor, Geaney, Giltinane, Gleason, Gleeson, Gorman, Grady,

Roscrea Castle

Roscrea Castle, Butler

Hanley, Harrigan, Haslett, Hawkes, Hawkins, Hayes, Hennessy, Hogan, Holway, Horan, Houlihan, Hyde, Hyland, Jackson,

Ormond Castle

Ormond Castle, Butler, Carrick-on-Suir

Kane, Kay, Keefe, Kelleher, Kennedy, Kenney, Keogh, Kirwan, Lahy, Landers, Lanigan, Lewis, Lloyd, Lonergan, Long, Looby, Luby, Luttrell, Lynch, Lyons,

The Surname Hickey

The Surname Hickey, Clonmel

Mackey, Madden, Maher, Mahoney, Mcloughney, McElliot, McEvoy, McGrath, Meagher, Meara, Moloney, Monahan, Mooney, Moran, Moyles, Mulcahy, Mullally, Nolan,

Poulakerry Tower House

Poulakerry Tower House, Butler

Oakman, O’Bannon, O’Brien, O’Connor, O’Donnell, O’Dwyer, O’Gorman, O’Halloran, O’Mara, O’Meara, O’Neill, O’Sullivan,

Clancy Brothers

Carrick-on-Suir, home of the Clancy Brothers singing group

Pendergrast, Pennefeather, Powell, Preston, Purcell, Purtill, Quinlan, Rockett, Roughan, Ryan,

Cahir Castle in winter

Cahir Castle in winter, O’Brien and Butler

Shanahan, Shea, Shelley, Slattery, Smeltzer, Smith, Spillane, Stanley, Talbot, Tobin, Torpey, Tracy, Tucker, Tyrrell,

The Surname Kennedy

The Surname Kennedy – in Templemore

Vaughan, Walsh, Wellwood,

The Surname Ryan

The Surname Ryan in Cashel



Galtee Mountains

Galtee Mór Mountain seen from Hore Abbey in Cashel

And thats the end of our list of County Tipperary surnames for now. Do feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the section below.

  • Susan Butler Kopala says:

    Wow! I found 3 family names here. Butler, Hayes and Vaughan only My family spelled it Vaughn. It was given to my mom as a middle name to keep it in the family. I sure do love your letters. Thank you 🙂

    • Mike says:

      Yep – lots of Vaughans (the usual spelling) across Tipperary, Cork and especially Clare. You should also look up Ballyvaughan in Clare Susan – lovely village. Mike

  • Jeanne McDonnell OShea says:

    the 3 names that I know of from Nenagh, Tipp are on the list: Nolan, O’Meara and Roughan.

  • John Joseph O'Brien says:

    My Grandfather, William Delaney VII born January 29, 1843, died July 7, 1926 was a “Blacksmith and Farmer”. He, his wife, Margaret (Connors) and their 10 children lived in Cleakile (Annafield), Thurles also know as Bouladuff, Inch, Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Their local area was referred to as “The Ragg”. This information appears in both the 1901 and 1911 National Archives: Census of Ireland.

  • Sandy LaFerriere says:

    I’m so excited!!!! In the pictures of Tipperary there is a store front T. KENNEDY. My great great grandfather was Thomas Kennedy. I read in one of the lists Mike that there are MANY Kennedys in Tipp. I want to think I’m connected somehow. Thank you. Hope you are having a lovely day.

    Sandy LaFerriere

    • Mike says:

      Yep indeed Sandy – the Kennedy stronghold was on the right bank of the Shannon in north Tipperary. Mike

  • Ann Ahern Hanson says:

    I’ll have to research the Aherns and Barrys in Tipperary. In Cork, I was able to research back to my GG grandfather to see if I can find other relatives in Tipperary.

  • John Hogan says:

    The Hogan name from Carrick – on – Suir. The home of of the Clancy Brothers and my ancestors the Hogans.

  • Dan Hogan says:

    All my people from Tipperary: Hogan, Mullally, Walsh, Cummins, O’Meara, Egan (MacEgan); Roscre area.

  • Kathleen Henehan says:

    Thanks, Mike for sharing all of your great info. My grandmother was Kathleen Lonergan from Oola in Tipperary.

  • Chuck Real says:

    Glad to see the Hennessey name. My 2 great grandmother was Sarah Hennessey from Forgestown, Tipperary. However, I did not see her maternal mother’s name of Collier who was also from Tipperary. It is said that her mother’s Collier’s were related to the family that founded Collier’s Magazine and they had lived near the Tipperary and Kilkenny boundary. It appears it may have been an Anglo name. And I saw McGrath, which was my 3 great grandmother’s family name, although she was SE Limerick. But lots of McGrath’s in both Tipperary and Limerick. Another Limerick name in the family that also shows up in Tipperary is the surname of my 4 great grandmother, Tracy. Again, as with McGrath, both names are associated with areas on the Tipperary and Limerick boundary.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Chuck – thanks for sharing that. Mike.

    • Jacob Real says:

      hi chuck, just been doing some family research and found that my great great grandfather was born in tipperary so kinda just seeing if there still family there and if we have any cool things around the show. much love from a cuzzie in nz

  • John Vaughn says:

    We were some the many Vaughan’s who changed the spelling to gain employment. Most all factories in nAmerica posted NINA signs, which was short for “No Irish need apply.”

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for sharing John, Mike.

      • Chuck Real says:

        John, I have in the past explained NINA to my college American History and World Civ students. College students have a hard accepting both the living conditions and the scope of discrimination the Irish endured when they arrived in large numbers during An Gorta Mor.

  • Dawn Purcell King says:

    Enjoying your site very much. My husband & I took our niece to Ireland last year as a graduation present. We made a special trip to Tipperary to see the Loughmoe castle (the castle of the Purcells). It was an experience we will never forget!

    • Mike says:

      Hi Dawn – great to hear and thanks for letting me know! It is a great feeling to head back to a building associated with your family name, specially when its a castle! Mike.

  • Patricia Carl says:

    Hi Mike, my Grandmother was Irish, her family name was RAHILLY. We have cousins I’d like to track down in Cork & Tipperary. I have some family history, and one day my husband and I would love to travel to Ireland, thank you so much for being out there for all us who are interested in our Irish family history. Patti

  • Julia says:

    My Granny’s Family were Moloney , butter merchants on Church st Tipp town . Lots of other ‘ family ‘ names on there , but I thought Heffernan was local too ?
    Lovely , thanks Mike

    • Mike says:

      Hi Julia – yep, Heffernan is typically found between counties Limerick and Tipperary. The names listed here belong to readers of a Letter from Ireland who have forwarded their names and counties of origin. Mike.

  • Isaac Floyd says:

    I am looking for the surname Floyd. I have found baptismal records in Tipperary. But, I have been told family are from Limerick. I’m going to Ireland next week and am looking for relatives.

  • Ellen Robinson says:

    My 2nd great grandparents MURPHY & PERDUE from Tipperary 1840-60’s. My VAUGHANs from Clare before 1820’s the Limerick.

  • Jan ice Keough says:

    Hi Mike,
    My grandfather was Michael Keough born in Ireland came over to Pa was born in 1841. My father was Robert V Keough Sr. I was wondering what county are we from? The Keoughs originated, and if we were any relation to Riley Keough. (Silly question but everyone asks me if i am lol) Thank You xoxox.

  • Patrick Morrissey says:

    My Morrisseys from LeicFhinn /Lick Finn/Slieverdagh/Killaloe/Tipp left in 1851 along with a Bodely from Dranghan. Any Left?

  • MaryAnne Beyer-Tweed says:

    Hi Mike! According to the Family History Center & a marriage record, my great-great grandmother Moira McEvoy was from County Louth. That’s all the priest wrote, but at least it’s a start! Perhaps the family was
    originally from Tipperary. Would the name McEvoy be of Gaelic origin? Thank you–I love to see your photos and read your stories!

  • Dewey L. Elwood says:

    Mike thank you for posting these names and where they are from. My grandmother 5 generations back; her name was Elizabeth Kennedy. She married Arthur I Ellwood. I have no dates on them, but it sure was exciting to see one of my family names on here. They had a son, Arthur Elwood and I don’t know why one of the L’s was dropped. He was born in 1725-1750. He was married to Adelaide Hall in 1729-1750. She was from Belfast. It’s strange that they both died in 1750, both so young! I love this website, thank you for helping us find out more about our families. Can you tell me where to look to find more info. about my family?

  • Ray Heffernan says:

    Again you have missed Heffernan! 🙁

  • Kathleen Winterfield says:

    Finally I have found the Shannahan name! Thank you so much. How do I find records in Ireland?

  • Maurene Wilson says:

    I am researching John English, b. 1799, Ireland and his wife, Catherine (Kit) Philips. They were married in Newport, Tipperary and their first 5 children were born there. In about 1830 they left Ireland for Ontario, Canada. The 5 children born in Newport were Ellen, 1820, Mary b. 1822, Thomas b. 1823 , Ann b. 1827 and William b. 1829. I believe Catherine Philip’s parents were William Philips and Maria Brien.

  • Rita cooper says:

    Hi mike I live in Aust and I have Ryan’s in my tree Patrick came to Aust with his wife Bridget née kearney and their family my gggrandmother Ann was born in Limerick there are so many I have found nothing on them. I also have a margaret hogan, Mary McNamara , and okeefes and others, l have found a lot of my nanas side in Clare the Ryan’s are on my dads side thanks for this Rita cooper

  • Robert Prahl says:

    Great grandmother Margaret Moulton married James Waugh (1800s), came to New York. Margaret lived either in Tipperary or Roscrea. I discovered that the name Moulton is English, and that Waugh is Scottish, but Margaret was born in Ireland and had always considered herself to be Irish. Any record of a Moulton or Waugh from the area.

    I realize this is a stretch, but if you can tell me anything, great.

  • Abby Culli says:

    This is a long shot, and I have very, very little information.
    I am searching for my dads family.
    My dads name was John Bowes (Tip)born in Tipperary in 1937/38, and died in Derby UK in 1988.
    I was told that he left Ireland in his late teens early twenties to join the British Army (not sure if this is true or not).
    Apparently my dad was the youngest of his siblings. I have no idea whatsoever what his parents or siblings name maybe. I don’t even know where is was born. All I was ever told was that he was from Tipperary.
    I live in Australia, and will be visiting Ireland in February 2017.
    I just do not know where to start.
    Any feedback, push in the right direction would be so very much appreciated.
    Thank you

  • Willie O'Brien says:

    Came across the Family name Lyons and O’Brien. My family came from Glenview Square in Tipperary Town

  • Gorman Schaffer says:

    Mike, you said you took photos and linked them to surnames. The photo of Poulakerry Tower House has the surnames O’Gorman/O’Dwyer listed. According to family notes handed down, my great great grandparents were Brien O’Gorman and Catherine O’Dwyer from County Tipperary. They would have been born early 1800s based on ages of sons, Michael and John. I cannot find a trace of them. How did you link those names to the photo?

  • Brenda Murray says:

    I have two family names from Ireland, Hogan from Tipperary and Johnson from ? Do you recognize the Johnson name.

  • tina says:

    I’m looking for odonnell mcginley relatives, fathers records says thurles in 1949 mums name mcginley any help appreciated

  • Sharon de las Casas says:

    My maternal grandfather’s family came from Tipperary near Nenaugh. Our ancestor left Ireland with his family about 1800. His name was Mathew Hogan, born in 1759. I understand that there are three septs of Hogan’s. The males in this one are called Mathew, Martin and Malachi. Those names are still used by our family.

    I have other Irish relatives from many parts of the country. I know more about them.

    Mathew came with his family. He may have had a daughter, Mary, and sons, Edward and William. A baby died enroute. His wife died shortly after arrival to the US. His son from a second marriage, Martin, is my second great- grandfather.

  • Blake says:

    Thank you helped me with my autobiography project and i learned a little bit more about my heritage. -Dempsey

  • larry Smith says:

    My great great grandfather came from Ireland to the U.S and fought in the Civil War as a confederate. His name was Patrick Kenney. That’s all we know of him. He is buried in Springfield , West Virginia.

  • Michael Thomas Dignam says:

    I have papers regarding a court case back in 1817, It was between Rev Edwin Biron the Plaintiff , and John Trant Defendant .
    Theas are the original documents hand written with the quill pen they are not copys.

    This case tuck place in Tipperary on June 18th 1870 and there were a lot more people involved it was regarding Property ,