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Surname Wordcloud March 2016 Top 250 Names jpg - Irish Surnames and Their Counties

Irish Surnames and Their Counties

Do you have Irish surnames in your family tree? If the answer is yes, then read on – and discover more about the surnames of Ireland, where they come from – and see if you can spot some of your Irish surnames.

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Statue of Annie Moore

The Story of Two Irish Immigrants.

How are things in your part of the world today? I’m delighted to introduce another reader’s “Letter of the Month”. We get so many stories each week, it seems a pity not to share some of the best.  So, congratulations to Kevin Nolan who shared the following letter. “Hi Mike, I’m the product of a…

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Irish Flag Tricolour Flag jpg - Green, White and the Orange Order

Green, White and the Orange Order

Have you ever seen the tri-colour flag of the Irish Republic? It has three sections – green, white and orange. It was designed in the mid-1800s, and is meant to signify peace (white) between the republican (green) and unionist (orange) traditions on this island. Just three weeks ago, Carina and myself headed to County Armagh…

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Genesis Slider Armagh - Irish Homelands - County Armagh

Irish Homelands – County Armagh

Welcome to this Irish Homelands feature - We are heading to County Armagh.

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Irish Surnames

Irish Surnames That Say Where You Came From

When a new reader signs up for our weekly  Letter from Ireland – we ask them to supply the Irish surnames in their family tree AND the county their ancestor emigrated from. So far we have collected over 21,000 Irish entries in our database of Irish surnames representing over 3,750 different surnames. If you’d like to…

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