County Kilkenny

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Irish Temperance Movement

Alcohol, An Exploding Population and the Irish Temperance Movement

Did the Irish Temperance Movement impact your ancestors? Join us as we unveil the influential story of Fr. Mathew and his monumental efforts to combat Ireland’s alcohol crisis in the 1800s. Was your family among the many who took the pledge?

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Beer, Whiskey and The Irish Temperance Movement (#828)

Listen to the story of Viking-era water sources, the Franciscans’ art of brewing Irish beer, and the captivating tale of alcohol, social chaos, and the rise of the Irish temperance movement!

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Niall of the Nine Hostages

Do You Carry Niall of the Nine Hostages DNA?

Today we look at a very old Irish boy’s name. It’s one that has worked its way around the world as both a given name and a surname. The name is “Niall” (pronounced “Nile” in Ireland). Do you have a relative with the name Niall (or maybe Neil or Neal)? Did you know that the name Niall means “champion” in old Irish? It’s a name with an important place in Irish culture. Let’s take a closer look.

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Extinct Medieval Village, County Kilkenny

The extinct medieval village - Jerpoint Park is located south of Kilkenny City just outside the village of Thomastown.

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Irish Pioneers In A Far-Away Land (#732)

As I’m writing this letter in the evening, I’m enjoying a “drop” of Irish Whiskey (Green Spot if you must ask) and I do hope you have a drop/cup of whatever you fancy yourself as we start into today’s letter. Our subject for today’s letter is the effect of alcohol – and abstention from alcohol…

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