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Elvis and The Fighting Irish – (#707)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland podcast we look at the place the humble Irish club called the “shillelagh” has in Irish history and tradition. Also, did you know that Shillelagh is also a place?The ancestors of a very special singer came from those parts – or did they? Lots of LOVELY Irish…

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Two Giants of Irish Literature – (#702)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Podcast, we look at the life and works of two of Ireland’s most famous literary giants – George Bernard Shaw and James Joyce. We take an unusual angle on the stories of both and throw in some music to help set the mood for the time through…

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Tracking Down a Reader Surname in Ireland.

Readers often contact me wondering where a particular ancestor or surname is likely to have originated in Ireland. Sometimes I can give a direct answer – but sometimes the answer is “it depends”. The following conversation features one of those surnames that originated in many different locations in Ireland. Here we have Kathleen Brennan from…

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Letter from Ireland Magazine (December, 2018)

Welcome to the Letter from Ireland Magazine for December, 2018. In this issue you will find features on: Christmas in Ireland, Irish Placenames, an Interview with John Grenham (Ireland’s foremost genealogist) and our favourite parts of 2018.

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The Beatles – Meet The Liverpool Irish (#307)

Meet the Liverpool Irish! In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Show Carina takes you on a trip around the City of Liverpool Liverpool – through a gate that could tell a million stories, into “Paddy’s Wigwam and then introduces you to four very famous sons of Liverpool – three of whom have direct Irish Roots!

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