A Letter from Ireland:

The Convict Irish in Australia – A Trip to Van Diemen’s Land (#401)


Were any of your Irish ancestors shipped to Australia as convicts? Join us as we travel around Tasmania off the south coast of Australia – a place known to many of our Irish ancestors as “Van Diemen’s Land”.

Rowan Gillespie Hobart

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Episode Summary:

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 1 of the Letter from Ireland Show.

Join us on this episode of the Letter from Ireland show as we travel to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania in Australia) and visit some really interesting locations associated with Ireland’s convict and emigrant association with the area!

So, come on in – sit down and have a listen to stories, people and places of this most beautiful part of the world!

The Letter from Ireland Show is a weekly podcast that goes out each Thursday from our cottage in County Cork. Tune in to this episode – and dive straight in to a bit of Irish caint, ceóil agus craic (conversation, music and craic!).

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Slán for now, Mike and Carina.

  • mary reardon says:

    How do I send this link to a friend? I wish to send this AND the opportunity to receive the newsletter. This is the best source on Irish history I’ve ever seen. Thank you.

    • Carina says:

      Thanks indeed Mary and there is a sign up link above at the end and middle of the article to get your own Letter from Ireland.

  • Kerry Hayes says:

    I love that I have found this Site. I did my DNA and I’m 35% descendant from Munster. I love that my parents just happen to without knowing the history of our family, named my after the County Kerry, due the Fairies!

    I am excited to try and dig deeper in the names of ancestors, who came from here.

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