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Have you ever travelled to Ireland? Perhaps you plan to visit in the next year or two? Here I share articles that will help with planning - or reliving - your trip to Ireland. We bring to life the unique characteristics of the Irish people and countryside - often leaving the main tourist attractions to visit some interesting diversions that I think you will enjoy!


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Ireland Travel Letters

34979317 s 1 - A Journey into Irish DNA

A Journey into Irish DNA

Did you know that “DNA Day” was celebrated earlier this week? I wonder who made that one up! To celebrate , we recorded a podcast that will come out next week – so do watch out for it. In the meantime, we thought it would be good to lay out the facts (and best guesses)…


A Journey from Ireland to Scotland

Many of our readers have mixed Irish and Scottish ancestry. How about you? Even more have surnames that they can’t quite figure out to be Irish or Scottish. This week, I thought it would be appropriate to talk a little more about this “overlap” between Ireland and Scotland as we will see the anniversary of…

blog151 - The Islands of Ireland

The Islands of Ireland

Have you ever lived on an island? OK – I realise that places like Ireland ARE islands, but I mean the smaller islands like the ones that hug the wild coast of the west of Ireland. Earlier this week, I came across the following in a local newspaper: The births of six babies on Sherkin…

Roadsigns in Ireland

Finding Your Way – Directions in Ireland

Next month we are heading off to St. John’s in Newfoundland – and we’re really looking forward to our trip down the Irish immigrant trail in North America. Did you know that Newfoundland has the “distinction” of being the only place outside Europe given a distinct name in Irish? It was called “Talamh an Éisc”…

Art O'Leary burial

The Penal Laws – and A Tale of Love and Loss

Well, we’re just getting over Saint Patrick’s Day in this part of the world. There were parades all over the place last Thursday – as it is a holiday across the country, most people are off for the day. The weather was a bit nippy – but dry and cheerful – a nice relaxing day…

Ireland Travel Podcasts

IMG 9515 - The City of Belfast and County Antrim (#831)

The City of Belfast and County Antrim (#831)

Embark on a journey to County Antrim and the vibrant city of Belfast, delving into their deep-rooted heritage, histories, and prevalent surnames – an essential listen for anyone tracing their roots to this captivating corner of Ireland.

Blog 14 - Our 5 Favourite Stops on a Tour Around Dublin (#818)

Our 5 Favourite Stops on a Tour Around Dublin (#818)

If you have ever visited Ireland then you have almost certainly visited our capital city of Dublin! There are so many cultural, heritage and historical sites spread around the city – and I’m sure you have a few of your own. In this episode we share just some of our own favourite stops in Dublin…

Aran Islands Roadway 1 - Join Us On a Trip Around The Aran Islands - (#604)

Join Us On a Trip Around The Aran Islands – (#604)

Join Mike and Carina as we take around Inishmore – the largest of the Aran Islands which lies at the mouth of Galway Bay to the west of Ireland. It’s a magical part of the world – and we travel around in the company of a very special tour guide.

Scottish river, the Clyde in Glasgow with Carina

The Irish Scots – A Trip to Glasgow in Scotland (#503)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Podcast show, we travel to the city of Glasgow in Scotland to meet two proud Glasgow natives of Irish ancestry. Come with us as we get a unique perspective on this city that saw the arrival of so many Irish immigrants from the 1800s onwards.

Cavan museum with Carina laughing

The Life of Riley – A Trip Through County Cavan (#502)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Podcast show, we take a trip around County Cavan – looking at the main families, sites and music along the way. Join us as we have the “Life of Riley” in County Cavan.