Irish Sayings – Is there room for the Irish language in your life? (#102)

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 2 of the Letter from Ireland Show. In this episode, Carina and Mike Collins share some old Irish sayings as they ask "Is there room for the Irish language in your life? Now, don't worry - you don't need to speak Irish to follow along  - we talk about old Irish sayings and what they mean to us. We also look at the way a particular Irish surname changed depending on where you heard it in Ireland.

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Irish Sayings – Is there room for the Irish language in your life? (#102)

We are delighted to bring you the second episode of The Letter from Ireland Show – a weekly podcast that goes out each Thursday from a cottage in County Cork. Tune in to this episode – and to dive straight in to a bit of Irish caint, ceóil agus craic (conversation, music and craic!).

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In this episode, Mike and Carina read from two of our letters from Ireland. Click on the titles below to see the full transcript of each letter so you can read along:

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Mike and Carina.

  • Mary Moore says:

    Trying to find the website for your book of 47 or so pages that was on the subscribe site. I may have subscribed more than once trying to re-read it. Is there somewhere you can direct me so that I can read the entire thing??? Many thanks. Luv your site.

    Mary Murphy Moore

  • Carolyn H born Oliver says:

    Liked connection from Irish and Gaelic having family in both. My mother was French Canadian so can speak a little French. As Oliver was likely originally from France some of my early Irish relatives may have spoken French and Irish. Originally Presbyterian and later Roman Catholic. Again loved hearing Irish…..

  • This was so interesting. I have a long way to go with the Irish language. I especially appreciated Carina’s comment that those of us with Irish ancestry share beliefs and attitudes. I think that is why I feel so connected to Ireland and one of the reasons, when I visit there, that I feel as though I am home.

  • Kenneth says:

    Do you have any info on my last name, Doyle.

  • Barbara Wimble says:

    Hi Carina & Mike – how’s things? LOVED this weeks Letter to Ireland. So good to be reminded of the lovely important part ‘things Irish’ play in the lives of descendants so far away! Barbara in Sydney Australia

    • Carina says:

      Good to hear from you Barbara and brings back memories for us of our trip to your part of the world and the wonderful hospitality we received there.

  • Sandy Laferriere says:

    Wonderful podcast! Sure is nice to hear your voices again. ☘️????

  • Angela Gawthorpe says:

    Great and interesting podcast. Having been born abroad, I didn’t have to learn Irish at school. Much regretted!