A Letter from Ireland:

The Surnames of County Carlow


County Carlow My Ancestral HomeThese are the Your Irish Heritage readers whose surnames come from County Carlow.

Is your County Carlow surname here?

Alpin, Brahan, Brooks, Butler, Condren, Connolly, Denieffe, Fitzpatrick, Hayes, Hoare, Hogan, Kelly, Kirwan, MacDonald, Nolan, O’Byrne, Smith, Tracey ,Walsh,

Here we have a picture of the bridge over the River Barrow at Graiguenamanagh in County Carlow.

  • Rebecca Mitchell says:

    Thank You, I had left a comment about my families name being found in another County when all information I had found said County Carlow. Thank you for all the work you put into this site it has been nice to learn new things about my heritage.

  • Raymond Burton says:

    My last name is mostly associated with folks from Wales, but that is not bad, it is just an Irish name also in County Carlow.
    My mother comes from the Donnelly – Murphy branch of my Irish Heritage

  • Evan Carlon says:

    was wondering where my name Carlon originated , my third great grandfather brought his family to America in the late 1700,s and settled in Pennsylvania. His name was Joseph Carlon. have not been able to find records of which county they came from. Very little info only he and his wife sailed with thirteen children,one died on the trip.

  • Glennis Cannon says:

    Hi Mike,
    So this is where the Hayes are from , my maternal side , I thought because they hailed from Limerick it was only there they would be, thank you. I have a GG grandafther from Limerick County Clare John Hayes and his name is repeated in a few generations , the union with Connelly / Conners I find confusing, can you tell me is that two versions of one name or is two names ? My Hayes are in Australia though there are many in Canada, America and all over the world, sure makes it exciting to travel the world in search of ancestors !
    Many thanks for all the wonderful information sharing you do .

    • Mike says:

      Hi Glennis – Hayes can be from a number of distinct places: It is amostly from the couties of Munster. BUt can also be from Donegal/Tyrone, Mayo, Meath and Monaghan. It comes from the Irish for “Son of Aodh” – and Aodh was a very popular name across Ireland.

      Connelly and Connors are 2 seperate names.

      Thanks for your kind words! All the best, Mike.

  • Kathleen Fahey Horton says:

    Dear Mike,

    I thought I had earlier submitted my names from County Carlow: Kealy, Joyce, OShaughnessy, Doyle. They specifically were from Garryhill/Ballynakil, Muine Bheag (Bagenalstown), County Carlow, IE.
    My maternal grandmother left at age 18 yrs in 1890. The other 3/4 of my ancestors emigrated circa 1850 during the Great Hunger period. All were great grandparents from the counties, Galway, Clare, and Mayo. Thanks for all you do for us.

    Katie Horton
    Grass Valley, CA

  • Lois Wales says:

    Trying to find where my Great Grandfather came from. William James (Henry)Brooks. Dec 25th 1836.BD Emigrated to Hamilton, Ont Canada around 1855. We were always told Armagh but have not found any connection. Have no idea if he came alone or with family. In the late 1890 then moved to Hamiota, MB Canada.

    • Deanna Schmidt says:

      Hi Lois, have you tried Ancestry.ca? I was told my Great Grandmother was from Dublin but it turns out she was from Tullow Co. Carlow.

      Good Luck & greeting from Wpg, MB 🙂

  • Mary e McKenna says:

    My mother and father were from carlow Mary Lawlor and William Quigley

  • david says:

    My Grandfather came to the north of England from Co. Carlow and my Grandmother was a Brennan from Kilkenny

  • Melinda Kaufman says:

    MacGregor / Gregg is a surname I am unable to find anywhere in any of your newsletter or surname. Could you explain?

  • june-marie says:

    My gg grandmother’s maiden name was Katherine (or Catherine) Agnus (?) Alpine, and she was born in Ireland probably circa 1820. She emigrated to Liverpool probably circa 1840, where she married a german jew, Hauptman (Kaufman)Spier. They went to Australia for a couple of years (a highly adventurous pair it seems!) before returning to Liverpool and raising a (Caholic) family there. Any of this connect to anyone out there?

  • Hi I am a Nolan in NSW Australia. My grandfather wilfred Nolan grew up in Nz and was the son of John Joseph Nolan, NZ and I have no info on his back ground. I know we originate from Co. Carlow. That’s all I know.

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