A Letter from Ireland:

The Surnames of County Wexford


County Wexford My Ancestral HomeThese are the surnames of our readers whose ancestors came from County Wexford.

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Aspel, Berney, Bolger ,Brett ,Bulger, Butler, Cahill, Casey, Cavanaugh, Codd, Coe, Colclough, Colfer, Corcoran, Cox ,Crosbie, Cullen, Doyle, Fardy ,Fitzgerald ,Flynn, Furlong, Gaffney ,Gannon, Goff, Hall, Hope, Kelly, Kennedy ,Kielthy ,Kinsley, Kirwan, Lannan ,Mordaunt, Morris ,Murdoch, Murphy, Noctor, Nolan ,O’Byrne, O’Connor, O’Keeffe ,O’Neill, O’Shea ,Redmond ,Rossiter ,Rossiters ,Ryan ,Sheehan ,Sinnott, Sutton ,Teague,

And this is a picture of a Roche Castle (not included in our list – before you ask – because none of our Roche readers come from Wexford!). It is Ferrycarrig at the mouth of the River Slaney near to Wexford town.

  • Joan says:

    Bolger! My granny was a Bolger but, unfortunately, from Kildaire. It’s been difficult to find her background. It was thrilling to see her maiden name posted even in Wexford!

    • Mike says:

      Glad I left it in 3 times by mistake for your sake Joan! Bolger is originally from the Wexford area (from the Irish Ó Bolguidhir) – but is found in many places along the eastern side of the country. Mike.

      • Merri says:

        I am a Bulger (changed in the US to Bulgier)
        I can not find my Original family in Ireland or how they got here to the USA.
        Michael Bulger and his brother John

    • walter bolger says:

      My Bolgers are from Co. Laois. Traced them back to a Michael Bulger in the 1790s

  • Paula says:

    Hi, I was so glad to see the name Sheehan. I haven’t been able to find much info on the Sheehans in my family. I’d love to know more!

    • Mike says:

      Hi Paula – Sheehan is a name that you will find throughout Limerick, Cork and Kerry. It comes from the Irish Ó Siodhacháin. Hope thisgets you started. Mike.

  • Diane Sinnett says:

    My ancestor Edward Sinnott , son of William Sinnott & Jane O’Neil , came to Gaspe..province of Quebec. Canada. 1778 .

  • Rebecca Mitchell says:

    I see my Great Grandfathers name one this list, Nolan, but I keep finding info that says he was from County Carlow. Does the name show up in both or is my info wrong?

  • Jim says:

    I’m looking for McDonald (McDonnell), Roche, Byrne, Fanning, Murphy, Rooney in and around Enniscorthy in Co Wexford. We have traced them to there around 1830 but have lost them before that date and after. I’ve heard that Fanning (my surname) is originally from Tipperary? If so, why would they migrate to Wexford?

    • Mike says:

      Hi Jim – I have added your names to our list.

      On the Fanning question – the answer is all sorts of reasons – usually related to livlihood! And its not that far. Mike.

  • Mary Ann says:

    My Grandmother ‘s married last name was Cox I see it’s listed here 🙂

  • elen says:

    I am a Rossiter and would love to know more

  • Lewanna Kinsley says:

    Very neat!!!! I haven’t been able to find any history on my surname!

  • Sonia says:

    I only just saw this. The Keatings are fom Wexford 🙂

  • Quirkey says:

    I am a descendant of “Furlong” from Bannon, County Wexford, Finding it tough to find anything on this family or the area.

    • Chi-Girl9 says:

      I am a descendant of the Furlongs of Enniscorthy, Wexford. I have traced back to: Michael Furlong and Eleanor ?
      BIRTH 1796 • County Wexford, Ireland
      DEATH 31 JAN 1870 • Taghmon, Wexford, Ireland
      My 3rd great-grandfather
      His child is: Philip Furlong who married Ellen Caufield
      BIRTH APR 1825 • County Wexford, Ireland
      DEATH 9 APR 1905 • Chicago Ward 25, Cook, Illinois
      2nd great-grandfather
      My great grandmother was:
      Catherine T. “Kitty” Furlong (m Enault)
      BIRTH 22 JUN 1864 • Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
      DEATH 12 JANUARY 1939 • Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

      I hope this helps! Please contact me on Ancestry.com under: Chi-Girl9

      • Carrie says:

        I’m a Caufield looking for Caufields in Wexford… starting with Patrick Caufield b. abt. 1811 d. Abt 1860 port jervis, New York
        Married Alice Kinsela b. Abt 1811

        Their 2 sons were baptized in Adamstown… James, Martin (3rd child, Katherine boron in NY)

        Wondering if you know anything about any Caufields.

  • Dennis Donlan says:

    My Name is Dennis Kent Donlan and I am looking for information on the name ASPEL. My 3 times Grandfather, Thomas Aspell and wife Mary Ann Sheridan came to New Orleans,LA in 1851 and came from Inniscorthy, Wexford ,Ireland . They then moved went Chicago,IL. There daughter Mary Aspel Married John McDonald. Their Daughter Josephine Married Joseph E. Walsh whose Daughter Helen Walsh Married Francis B. Donlan .They were my Parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Cheri says:

    I believe my Sinnett family was from County Wexford. My earliest known ancestor was Richard Sinnett/Senate/Sinnott who was apparently born in America by about 1750. He fought in the American Revolution under George Rogers Clark.

  • My great grandparents were Maria Fitzgerald and Richard Stamp from around county Wexford. I cannot find anything about the Stamps since they arrived in Newfoundland in the 1850s.I am travelling to Ireland in the spring of 2017 and I would love to find some info. About thr Stamps

  • Darren says:

    I am a Sinnett and it is nice to see other Sinnetts as it is an unpopular name where I live

  • Alice Redmond-Neal says:

    I’m a Redmond with Wexford roots. I’m trying to trace the family and ancestors of Great-great-grandfather Andrew who emigrated to Canada in 1826. My genealogy explorations show Redmonds around the Hook peninsula and around Ferns. I read the Redmonds of Redmond Hall (later Loftus Hall) were sent packing by Cromwell, headed north, but there’s still a concentration in the southern part of the county as well. I think I’m from the northern branch but would love more information on the split. BTW records show Bulgers, Furlongs, Rossiters, and Sinnotts as witnesses for baptisms and marriages.

    • carina says:

      Alice. Looks like you are well underway on your family search do join us in the Green Room for more in depth help and assistance.

  • Andres Rossiter says:

    ´m Andres Rossiter, from Argentina. My ancestor came from Wexford. My gg.grandfather was James Rossiter b 1815 in Wexford, son of William Rossiter and Martha Green, from Ballycorboise or Killinick. James married with Ellen or Eleonor Sinnott, daughter of Thomas Sinnott and Mary Bent from Ballybrennan. I looking for some info about William Rossiter, Martha Green, Thomas Sinnott and Mary Bent parents or other ancestors, brothers and other sons and daughter. Do you have or know where are any info to help me in that search. thanks Andres

  • Jane Murphy Campbell says:

    Murphy, all mine were, from Bunclody,Roscommon,Carlow ,Wexford, owned Bakery with sons, Grandfather came to U.S.A. 1898. Well informed on that (Paternal ) side but ,know less about McCarthy, Bantry Bay, (wife,Nolan). maternal side. I have never been to Ireland, but many other relatives visited.including my 2 deceased sisters. Often wondered if we could have been related to our past Present.J.F.K as my understanding a grandmother, I believe,Brigid, was from Wexford but do know he visited there. (Probably could not be done in these times, but there is a book in History Dept. in local archives, can’t be taken out, but one can have director take a pic. , which I did, It was called Immigrants Wo Did Well in C.N.Y. and showcased Snapshot and short paragraph, of different business, such as Haberle ,German immigrant, Brewery Business my Grandfather, Bakery business and such. Proud of my Irish ancestry. My Grandfather McCarthy, a stonecutter from Bantry Bay, worked on the local Catholic School at the time, where the whole Clan went to school and he laid the cornerstone. As. a young girl , just starting work, after graduation, I met a few girls my age newly arrived, from Dublin,(Port Leiich, or something like that. ), County Claire, and a fella who himself was from Bantry Bay immigrating to Canada, then to here.he married one of the girls..he himself was a bricklayer by trade and said Bantry Bay was a very harsh area, weather wise and living etc. Sadly, both have passed, They ran a Pub together in later yrs. called O’Sullivan’s (Danny)(. and wife Anastasia Quigley) may they R,I,P, Thanks for listening , I enjoyed…sorry so lengthy..must be cabin fever due to this horrible Coronavirus, affecting our world.. stay healthy. Peace and Blessings, God Bless All. J.M.Campbell

  • Cory Sutton says:

    I’ve traced my last name Sutton back to Wexford county Ireland. George or John Sutton left Ireland around 1790-1800 for canada(quebec or Newfoundland) then to the United States.

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