A Letter from Ireland:

Are you a Mannion of America?



Do you recognise this poster (remember the mini-series)? Guess we’ll have to add “Brosnan” to our list of names in honour of Pierce Brosnan’s first starring role!

So where does the surname Mannion/Manion/Manning come from?

Way back in the third century, six tribes collectively called the “Sogain” came to Galway from Ulster and occupied an area which stretched from the river Clare in the west to the river Suck in the east and from the river Shivern in the north to the Raford river in the south. These “Sogain” were descended from Sodain, the son of Fiachra Araidh, King of Ulster. They were thought to be originally from a Cruithin (Pict) tribe.

The Ó Mannáin were the chief tribe of the 6 Sogain, had their chief seat at Menlach O Mainnin (modern day Menlough in County Galway) until 1617.

The clan’s lands were confiscated during the Cromwellian Wars but a small portion was restored to Aodh Ó Mainnín’s family in the Act of Settlement of 1676. From this time, the Mannion clan spread from the clan lands of Killascobe into the surrounding areas of modern counties Galway and Roscommon the following years.

However – you will find the name Mannion very commonly used today in the around the stone-walled fields and towns of East County Galway.

Are you a Mannion or Manning? Where did your family originate from?

  • Always proud to be a “Manion”. (Y)

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  • Patrice says:

    Both Manning and Manion, in succession!

    A 135-year-old adoption mystery yielded a pivotal clue, fortuitously, in an orphanage record discovered for an Agnes Manning (my great-grandmother) in 1880. It was the right time, in the right place (the surname had been previously unknown). A few years later, DNA confirmed Agnes’s identity.

    Another fortuitous discovery, of an 1857 marriage in Sacramento, published in a San Francisco newspaper and later transcribed, showed that Agnes’s immigrant grandmother Bridget had used the surname Manion in the marriage record.

    Further DNA connections point to the Menlough/Abbeyknockmoy area in East Galway (not yet confirmed).

    Manion is a new discovery for my family, and we’re loving it.

  • James Hollarn says:

    The Mannion or Manion surname and branches are part of an ongoing study from the Y DNA testing of Mannion men at Family Tree DNA. https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/mannion-surname/about

  • Alan morris says:

    My great grandmother , was a mansion from gallway

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