A Letter from Ireland:

County Clare – The Palace of Kincora


A “ruin” in the County Clare – but what is it’s significance ….. well, there are a couple of layers here, so pay attention (specially all you O’Briens out there) :)

This is Killaloe in County Clare and you are looking at the ruins of the Oratory of Saint Molua which was moved here from an island on the Shannon in the 1930s

– BUT –

this place is also part of Kincora – the ancient capital of Ireland at the time of Brian Boru – High King of Ireland from 1002 to 1014. Brian Boru came from the Dalcassiam dynasty (as did the surnames of Ahearn,  Boland, Casey, Clancy, Considine, Coombe, Crotty, Curry, Durkin, Flattery, Hannon, Hartigan, Heffernan, Hickey, Hogan, Kearney, Kelleher, Kennedy, Kielty, Kileen, Lonergan, McArthur, McMahon, McNamara, McLysaght, Neylon, Noonan, O’Dea, O’Brien, O’Grady, O’Hehir, O’Meara, O’Reagan, Perkin, Quinn, Shanahan, Sheehan, Tubridy, Twomey and all the O’Briens out there are named that in his memory.

And today, KINCORA, (the palace of “Ceann Coradh” – the head of the weir) is situated at the summit of the hill in Killaloe town. Its occupied by the Catholic church in the picture, the adjacent green (used as an animal fair place for centuries) and the neighbouring houses.

I think I saw one of the houses for sale on our last visit – any O’Briens want to move back to the family palace?

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