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County Limerick Surnames


County Limerick SurnamesCounty Limerick surnames. Is your Irish surname here?

The surnames of County Limerick – Ahearn, Carrolls, Collins, Conway, Cregan, Culhane, Cunneen, Cussen, Donovan, Downes, Dundon, Fitzgerald, Hannan, Hannon, Hayes, Heffernan, Hewson, Hourigan, Irwin, Keating, Kinnerk, Leakey, Liston, Lynch, Lyons, McEnery, McNamara, Moloney, Murphy, Nash, Neville, Noonan, O’Brien, O’Connell, O’Connor, O’Sullivan, Quaid, Quish, Ryan, Sheahan,  Shaughnessy, Walsh and Woulfe.

and a picture of the beautiful watermill at Bruree (Brú na Rí) – the old royal seat of the Uí Fidgente tribe.

  • susan gunning says:

    Hi I understand that my surname comes from Co Limerick but I don’t see it there.I don’t think I am conected to the Gunnings from there as all my ancestors came from Co Down so they would probably been part of the Plantations as they were Protestant.
    Are you planning on doing Ulster soon as I have other names from there.
    By the way put in your name on Facebook but can’t find you!
    Keep up the good work, Regards Susan

    • admin says:

      Mandy – see the menu on the right side that says “search by your surname”. Choose the surname Gunning. I have added an explanation in one of the posts. You can add your own story there or ask further questions. All the best, Mike.

  • Toni collins says:

    I am looking for the surname Carlon or Carlin, its origins and any thing else. Thank you , Toni Carlon Collins

    • admin says:

      Toni – that name would normally be found in County Tyrone I do believe – and a seperate group in County Meath.

  • Carol Collins Weber says:

    What/where is the origin of the name Collins?

    • Mike says:

      Yep – Collins is from the Irish Ó Coileáin – a family that originated in Limerick as part of the Uí Fidgenti sept – but mostly moved to southwest Cork a thousand years ago!

  • Susan Kingsley says:

    I’ve found my great-grandmother’s name on this list : Cregan!

  • Brian Cunningham says:

    My Cunningham family have lived in County Limerick as far back as the 18th century (that’s as far as the records go) until today. Yet I never see them in the list of Limerick names. I know that the name had two origins: one from Ulster and the other from Niall of the Nine Hostages.

  • Angel Keating says:

    Keating on fathers side
    Fox on Mothers

  • Karen Bzezinski says:

    My grandparents were from Clare and Tipperary. Last names Neville and Sheehan. Any updates/news would be appreciated! Thank- you!

  • Catherine Grapes says:

    My Great grandfather Patrick Joseph Slattery was born in 1853 in the Co of Limerick before coming to the states. His father was James A Slattery born in 1820 and his mother was Katherine Dillion

  • Lynn bankhead says:

    My great grandfather
    Patrick Fogarty
    March 17 1849

  • Grace Irwin says:

    Hi thHello there I have been receiving you weekly letters and find them very int interesting. The name IRWIN is on the list for County Limerick but I have had no luck in finding my gr gr grandfather so far. Where do I look for John Irwin father of Thomas Irwin born in Cavan 24 May 1864 who went to Canada/ USA about 1888 His mother was Ann ? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • Amanda says:

    My 3rd great grandmother is Mary Noonan. She was born in Limirick, Ireland in 1826. I do not know who her parents or siblings were. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw her family name listed here. Thank you so much! If there’s more information about these families I’d love to find it!

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