A Letter from Ireland:

This is how the Norman lords and knights wanted to be remembered


Norman Lords knights

The final resting place of Piers Butler (8th Earl of Ossory) and Margaret Fitzgerald – who died a good 400 years after their forefathers arrived in Ireland. And today – the classrooms and workplaces are full of Butlers and Fitzgeralds alongside McCarthys and Murphys. This picture is from St. Canices Cathedral in Kilkenny City. Do visit – and don’t forget to climb the Round Tower!

  • Elizabeth Jones says:

    My husband and I went to St. Canices Cathedral in Kilkenny City on our honeymoon in 1981. I was fascinated by the knights and ladies tombs. I still remember meeting a beautiful black puppy in the graveyard as we were leaving.

  • Sherry Burrows. says:

    We were booked last year to come over but then COVID-19 occurred 😰
    Our Butler ancestors were born in the castle in Kilkenny. One day!
    Best Sherry

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