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Castles in Ireland – Our Top 22

Irish castle

  These are our favourite castles in Ireland – but I must admit, we have limited our selection to Irish castles that we have been to, photographed and enjoyed. I’m sure you have your own – some may be on our list and others may only be on yours! Did your Gaelic/Norman family occupy a […]

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The famous MacCarthy’s Bar in Castletownbere

Also shown on the cover of Pete MacCarthys travel book “MacCarthys Bar”. Have you read it – if you haven’t already, its well worth a read – fantastic fun.

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If you took all the Gaelic Surnames out of Ireland – what would be left?

Today we’re looking at Viking, Norman, Galloglass and Planter (English and Scottish) names. Let’s take a few examples using one of our Readers – Patricia Clarke (thanks, Patricia J ). Patricia gave me six of her family names: Byrnes, Clarke, Halpin, Leonard, Martin and Rafferty.

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Blarney Castle and Your Irish Ancestry

Here’s a picture of a castle you may have heard of – Blarney Castle in County Cork (anyone kiss the famous Blarney stone?). Our journey today looks at the surname of the family who built this castle – the MacCarthys. So, if you have “MacCarthy” somewhere in your family (or are just plain curious) – […]

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