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The Origins of Your Irish Surnames

An old Irish stone ruin cottage

Naturally you want to know where your Irish ancestors came from and the life they led. However as you may already know there are several frustrating Irish ancestry brick walls you can come across when researching your heritage. In this letter we will share a map. A map which will highlight the obstacles in your […]

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Where do Irish Surnames come from?

Do you ever wonder – where do Irish Surnames come from? How about YOUR Irish Surname? Today, we’re going to browse the evolution of the surname in Ireland – something I know is close to your heart! Soon we’ll look at Viking, Norman and Planter names – but for now we start with the old […]

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The Irish Surname Murphy

Murphy comes from the Irish Ó Murchadha. Murchadh literally translates as “Sea Warrior”. It is the most common name in Ireland and originally from one of 3 major septs located in counties Cork, Roscommon and Wexford. However, the name is widely spread across Ireland today. In counties Wexford and Cork they make up over 4% […]

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Are You a Murphy?

Cast your mind back a little – well a long way – all the way back to the 700s in Ireland. Why is this significant? Well, it was the century before “surnames” were taken on across Ireland. At that time – there were a number of major “Tuathe” (or clans) across Ireland. The kingdom of […]

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