A Letter from Ireland:

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Have Your Heard Your Name in an Irish Accent?

Irish surnames can change surprisingly as you head around the country and hear them pronounced in the local Irish accent. See what you think. Céad Míle Fáilte – and welcome once again to your Letter from Ireland. All is well here in this little corner of County Cork – spring seems to be well on […]

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County Clare – The Palace of Kincora

A “ruin” in the County Clare – but what is it’s significance ….. well, there are a couple of layers here, so pay attention (specially all you O’Briens out there) This is Killaloe in County Clare and you are looking at the ruins of the Oratory of Saint Molua which was moved here from an […]

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Is your family a member of the Dal gCais Tribe?

For many centuries – Ireland was a tribal society (and some would argue it remains fundamentally so today). The Dalcassians were a Gaelic Irish tribe who rose to prominence specially in the 10th century. They get their name from Cormac Cas of the 3rd century. Brian Bóru is perhaps the best known king from this […]

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