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Is This The Best Irish Memorial Ever?

How would you like to be remembered? In this letter, we have an example of what may be the best type of Irish Memorial – the type where a song or poem is recorded about your character and exploits. Although, the end result may not always accurately reflect how you lived! Céad Míle Fáilte – and […]

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The Surnames of County Wexford

These are the surnames of our readers whose ancestors came from County Wexford. Is your County Wexford surname here? Like to add your  County Wexford surname to our list? Just  – and we’ll let you know how to join in the fun.

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The Irish Surname Teague (or MacTeige)

Teague comes from the Irish Mac Taidgh (pronounced “mac-tie-g”). This literally translates as “son of Tadhg”. This Irish name also translates into the surname “MacTeige” and “MacTigue”. Its an example of a name belonging to no one specific sept – but comes from the fact that Tadgh was a common surname in ancient Ireland –

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When Did your family COME to Ireland?


Let me explain about the names: We are all familiar with the concept of “emigration” and Ireland. We all arrived at some point – some stayed and some passed through after some generations. All left their imprints. Like to add your Irish surname to our list? Just  – and we’ll let you know how to […]

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