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Irish Hospitality and Kindness: A Reader’s Letter from Ireland

I am writing this letter for all the people who have not been to Ireland, and to the people who yearn to return to Ireland! I recently read a quote that said “kindness is not an act. It is a lifestyle.” I hope to give some examples of this quote in my letter.

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The Top 10 Irish Surnames on our List.

As you may already know – when people contact us on Facebook – we ask them for their Irish surname(s) and the county their ancestors came from. We then add this to our list and use it to figure out good stories that need telling.

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Where do Irish Surnames come from?

Do you ever wonder – where do Irish Surnames come from? How about YOUR Irish Surname? Today, we’re going to browse the evolution of the surname in Ireland – something I know is close to your heart! Soon we’ll look at Viking, Norman and Planter names – but for now we start with the old […]

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The Irish Surname Walsh

Kelli O’Neill go on to us – wondering about the Irish surname Walsh (you can see her question and story at the end of this post).

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To Hell or to Connaught!

Have a look – would you call this hell? “To Hell or to Connaught!” – was the choice given by Oliver Cromwell to the native Irish in 1653 as he pushed on with the English plantation of settlers in the good land left behind. Here is a picture of Ballyconneely in Connemara – a beautiful […]

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