Pride and Prejudice and Three Irish Surnames

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever considered the difference between the male and female of our species? I guess that the main differences, beyond the obvious, range across a wide variety of subtleties. Take myself and Carina, for example. We were both exposed to the prose of Jane Austen in school, through…

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County Tipperary Surnames and Places

When someone signs up for our weekly Letter from Ireland, we ask them for the Irish surnames in their family and the counties in Ireland their ancestor came from originally. As a result, we now have about 25,000 entries on our list. The following names are ones we received from readers whose ancestors came from…

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Why are there so many English Surnames in Ireland?

Irish countryside landscape

One of our readers – Joan – decided to “road-test” some of our recommendations and came back with the following comment: “I looked up surname Hamill. One particular site said it was Scots/English, Anglo Saxon. But there were 4 comments from Irish people who said it was Gaelic”. So, what’s going on here? I think…

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A Roadtrip Around 16 Counties of Ireland – Part 4

Irish tower

This week on our road trip around Ireland, we move to the counties of Cavan, Longford, Westmeath, Offaly and Tipperary. In this post we finish our roadtrip around 16 counties of Ireland. You can see a map of the journey below – do leave a comment at the end of this blog post! This is…

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